a work in progress

work in progress
a work in progrress

As you can see, this site is still very much a work in progress but, at least, we have a functional CMS up and running.

For the time being, I've settled on 'Publii' – a static site generator with a GUI – which fulfills my goal of creating a decent website with a minimum of effort. 

I had already spent several days researching the countless possibilities for creating websites, when I realized that this was taking way too much time: something had to be done... quickly! I was about to install WordPress – for which I have an unreasonable hatred – when I found this alternative. It probably won't be forever but for now it's good enough.

I want to spend my time coding, not messing around with websites!

Let me conclude this post by saying that I hope you'll check back to see what we're up to, and have faith in our long-term vision of evening the odds in the stock market, by creating innovative, and affordable, financial software.

To be continued...