tax on usa trades

tax on usa trades
something about death and taxes

I hate taxes as much as the next guy, but this particular tax would actually be worth paying!

There's talk - meaning it will never pass (at least, not anythime soon) - about a tax on USA-based trades. Every trade - buy or sale, put or call, - would be taxed.

To the individual investor, this should be pretty much irrelevant, however, the great benefit is that it would - if it really became law - make some automated trades unprofitable.

I will write more about the subject at another time, but the automated trades we're talking about, are those which profit on fractions of a cent. Whenever you see a price like xx.5595, you can be (pretty) sure that it's not an investor but an automated trade made by someone with deep pockets.

Eliminating such those trades could, potentially, make the market less volatile, less erratic and, in the end, simply better for the small guy.

In other words, I wholeheartedy support such a tax - as long as it achieves its purpose.

Please, introduce this tax and make sure it works as intended.

Thank You!